Sushi in honky-town

We frequent a place in the straight-laced, lily white, defiantly preppy ‘burb known as New Canaan.

It is an absolutely idyllic community, with a slightly sordid history (you saw The Ice Storm, right?) and residents who buy and sell people like me for sport.

Despite these charming qualities—or is it because of them?—New Canaan has a rather thriving restaurant scene, with several places that routinely receive excellent reviews from the NYT Connecticut edition. Whatevs. We don’t care about stars; we’re in it for the chow. Which is why we go to Sushi 25

In a former incarnation, it was a straight-up Chinese place, and an outrageously good one, at that. I’m talking the best orange beef in, like, ever, amazing sauteed shrimp (I’ve had larger and more tender, but they were in Bangkok; so I make do), and an outrageously delish take on a throw-back: shrimp toast.

A few  years ago, it was re-imagined as a sushi place—and the rolls, sashimi, etc. turned out to be amazing. Not only that, but it retained many of its Chinese standouts. So, yeah, it’s now a kind of Asian fusion place (please stop laughing), but without all the nuveau window dressing and compromised quality normally associated with that descriptor.

The bathroom takes a hit because there’s only one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no priss. It’s just that I absolutely abhor waiting in line for anything, and a toilet is at the top of the list. Still, it’s clean and roomy. I’m talking Manhattan-apartment roomy. So why they couldn’t come up with someplace other than the top of the toilet tank to store extra rolls of TP confounds me. As does the choice to leave the plunger out ‘en plein aire,’ as it were. I’d prefer a more design-y soap option (I think they use the same as the body wash in my gym), but the old-school paper towel dispenser is a nice touch. Just as long as they keep it stocked.

Author’s note: I was NOT the one who left an empty toilet paper roll (see images). Granted, I didn’t change it, but still…

Rating of chew: 4 out of 5

Rating of loo: 2.5 out of 5


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